And why it’s worth the investment

Photo by REVOLT on Unsplash

Companies like numbers. Whether it be prices, sales, or profits, they’re all quantifiable. But there’s one crucial part of a company that cannot be measured: branding.

Oddly, branding isn’t really a thing. You can’t touch it, see it, or measure it. In short, it’s intangible. …

The latest marketing buzz word

Fashion models on the runway
Photo by Armen Aydinyan on Unsplash

The food industry is doubling down on vegan, the automotive industry on electric, and the fashion industry on sustainable.

Ironically, the latest trend in fashion is not on the runway. Instead, it’s on words. Terms such as sustainable, carbon-neutral, and eco-friendly have stolen center stage from models, designers, and stylists.

Lessons from the Swedish fast fashion giant

H&M store in London. Image by H&M Media

Fashion and affordability don’t often go hand in hand. Yet H&M seems to have deciphered the riddle of combining cheap prices with the latest runway trends.

Through a mixture of creative marketing, fast production, and a short product life cycle, H&M has grown into one of the most recognizable brands…

Understanding the success of a sixth-generation business

Hermès store in Warsaw, Poland.
Hermès store in Warsaw, Poland. Image by Przemysław Nieciecki

While mainstream luxury fashion brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Versace are often seen as flashy, Hermès stands out for being a family-run business deeply rooted in a tradition of craftsmanship.

With products ranging from fragrances to saddlery, the brand is best known for its industry-leading leather goods.

Logically, keeping…

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